Oklahoma Postal History Talks Cleveland – OHIO???

The March meeting of the Oklahoma Postal History Society will be held  this Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM at St. Luke’s Methodist Church, Room 207.

Joe Crosby will present a very interesting program about CLEVELAND COUNTY  POSTAL HISTORY  Joe has asked us to please bring any postal markings from Cleveland County post offices other than Norman, Moore, Noble, and Lexington, and even anything really special for any of those four towns as well. 

 As usual the meeting will be preceded by dinner at Louie’s midtown at 1215 N. Walker at 6:00 PM for those that don’t like to miss a meal.

See you there.

By the way, don’t be too surprised if there is nothing presented about Ohio.  Well, unless Joe decides to sing  a few songs from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Post Offices In The Unassigned Lands

Dear fellow Oklahoma Postal History Society members,

This year at OKPEX I will be giving a talk on the post offices established in 1889 in the Unassigned Lands as a result of the land run. I will also be exhibiting this material.

I have yet to see the following list of covers and I am hopeful you can help me obtain them or, at least, provide a scan of these so that I may be more authoritative and complete in my presentation. All of the following post office names were used in more than one county (except Idelah) so please be careful to note the year of your cover.

Will You please look for the following covers during the dates listed below for me and report if you have them or know where they may be located?  I know some of these existed in 1965 because Signorelli and Cardwell listed some of them.

Idela                   1889-91

Cimarron City     1889-94

Lincoln                1889-94

Lisbon                 1889

Harrison              1889-90

Rock Island         1889-98

Many thanks for your efforts in helping with this. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Also, I will be giving a program updating more complete information on RFD and 20th Century Fancy Cancels from Oklahoma at this next Tuesday’s (Feb 14, 2017) meeting.  I am looking forward to seeing you then.

Brady Hunt, President Oklahoma Postal History Society

8000 SE 15th St

Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110



Okla Postal History Society – 2017 Program Schedule

Oklahoma Postal History Society Programs  2017

Jan  10    Oklahoma Panhandle Border Post Offices    Joe Crosby

Feb 14   UPDATES TO PRIOR PROGRAMS   eg.  RFD,  20th Cent Fancy Cancels   Brady Hunt

Mar 14   Cleveland County Post Offices   Joe CROSBY

Apr 11    OKLA. AUXILIARY MARKINGS –   Advertised, Returned to Sender, etc.  ALL

May 9   Vinita P.H. and The Vinnie Ream Story / Stevens Cover     Joe Crosby



Aug 8    To be Announced

Oklahoma Postal History Meeting – Tuesday, 12-13-2016

Tuesday, Dec. 13th the Oklahoma Postal History Society will meet at Louie’s 1215 N. Walker at 6:00 and At St. Luke’s Methodist Church on NW 15th and Harvey at 7:00 PM.

The program will be:

The 1957 Oklahoma Semi-Centennial Stamp Issue.

Arrows To AdamsJames Weigant has put together a very interesting collection related to this stamp, including at least one unique item.  His presentation promises to be very interesting, and one you don’t want to miss.

Oklahoma Postal History Group Meets Tuesday 9-9-2014

Brady Hunt will be giving a talk on the Butterfield Overland Express in Indian Territory and its 1958 Centennial Celebration. I think you will enjoy learning about this important part of history and how it relates to pre civil war mail in our state.

Hope you will be there. Meet at Johnnie’s Charburger as usual at 6:00 or so for a meal, with the meeting at the college at 7:00.

Brady has added this interesting post:

I have about 500 or so duplicate Oklahoma covers, mostly 1920s and newer that I will be bringing to the meeting tomorrow. They are alphabetized by town. I’m going to sell them at $5 each. I know some are not worth $5, but some are worth much more. You be the judge. I’ll have them available at OKC stamp club too for the same price until our next postal history meeting. The next time we have Postal History meeting, the price will drop to $4 each for that meeting and following OKC stamp meetings until the next Postal History meeting. The price will drop again to $3 and so on until I get tired of toting them to meetings. You be the judge on whether to gamble if the cover you are interested in will be in the box the next time for $1 cheaper. I may decide to remove a cover or two between meetings, who knows. There will be no discounts at these spectacular prices. The fun is in the gamble if the cover will be around for long. If you want a discount, wait a month for the cheaper price, but you will risk it not being there later. Good luck and have fun.


Oklahoma Postal History To Meet Tuesday 3-11-2014

Tomorrow night the OPHS will meet at Johnnies and move to Oklahoma Christian University for a program on Oklahoma Airport Dedication Covers -led by Norm Pence.

The remainder of the planned OPHS programs for 2014 looks like this:

JanTex Edmunds and other Oklahoma WWII Patriotic Covers  by Joe Crosby & Norm Pence

Feb – Oklahoma Revenues – Brady Hunt

Mar – Oklahoma Airport Dedication Covers –  Norm Pence

Apr –  Confederate States of America in Indian Territory – Crosby and Pence Including military courier mail.

May –  Everyone – bring cards & covers pertaining to Oklahoma Wild West shows, street fairs, rodeos, circuses and parades.

June – AT OKPEX 2014  June 21   –  Choctaw County  Norm Pence takes the lead and everyone brings anything they have from Choctaw County  

July – No Meeting

Aug – No Meeting

Sept – Butterfield Overland Mail in I.T.  The original covers & perhaps a bit about the 1957 celebration.  Led by Brady Hunt 

OK Postal History Society Meets 9-10-2013

That is right….. It’s back in the fall just like the NFL.   The lst program was scheduled to be Joe Crosby speaking on the Postal History of Comanche County (a program he gave to the Lawton-Ft. Sill Stamp Club 7-8 years ago).  Problem…. he can’t find that notebook…anywhere.
So…..the program will be Joe Crosby with 5 super-duper I.T. and Okla. covers to talk about.
And…if you have a super-duper I.T. or Okla. cover you want to talk about, please bring it.
See you at Johnnies Charcoal Broiler at 6 PM.
P.S.  Joe says you will only understand all of this if you were born before 1940.

OK Postal History Tuesday Night

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 4-10-2012) we will meet at Johnnie’s at 6:00-6:50 for great food.  Then at 7 PM we’ll parade over to OC to the computer lab where Reggie Hofmaier will present a powerpoint program on the Post Mark Collectors Club Museum.  Should be interesting to all of us who love cancels.

See ya, there.

And Bring STUFF !!! New acquistions to show and tell.

OK Postal History Meeting – February 14



A casual dinner meeting is planned for Tuesday Feb. 14, 2010 starting at 6:00-6:15 PM at Johnnies Charcoal Broiler Restaurant, 33 SE 33rd Street,  in Edmond, OK.  Following dinner we will hold an informal meeting at Prince Engineering Center;s 2nd floor Computer Lab at Oklahoma Christian  University.  For details on these events contact


The plan is to meet at Johnnies restaurant and enjoy some social time together and then caravan over to nearby Ralph DeBoard’s Computer Lab at Oklahoma Christian University.

SINCE THIS IS VALENTINES DAY- BRING AN OKLAHOMA VALENTINE IF YOU HAVE ONE.  Everyone is also asked to bring 1 or 2 OTHER items for show and tell –  plus their extra Oklahoma Covers to sell or trade.

1844 Cherokee Nation Cover - with Rimless CDS

1844 Cherokee Nation Cover - with Rimless CDS


Brady says this meeting will not last past 9 PM as is our custom.

Oklahoma Postal History Society

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Oklahoma Postal History Society is Tuesday evening, April 13, 2010. As has become our habit, a casual dinner meeting starting at 6:30 PM at Johnnies Charcoal Broiler Restaurant, 33 SE 33rd Street in Edmond will be followed by an informal meeting at Prince Engineering Center 2nd floor Computer Lab at Oklahoma Christian University. For details on these events contact joecrosby@cox.net.

The plan is to meet at Johnnies restaurant and enjoy some social time together and then caravan over to nearby Ralph DeBoard’s Computer Lab at Oklahoma Christian University.

BradyHunt and Joe Crosby came up with the “theme” for this month’s meeting –

————— Oklahoma RFD’s —————

To get the juices flowing here is some basic information:

The Postal Service established free delivery of mail to rural areas in 1896. Oklahoma’s first rural route began serving customers on August 15, 1900 in Hennessey, Oklahoma. According to the Hennessey Clipper newspaper, Albert Darrow was the first Oklahoma Rural Carrier; his route was 24 miles long and covered a 31 square mile area with a population of 700. Darrow provided his own transportation, a horse and wagon and received an annual income of $500.

According to the Report of the First Assistant PMG for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1900 p. 151 this Hennessey RFD Route had l carrier traveling 25 miles.

Also, Bernie Mayer recently discovered the following available online from the USPS:

First Oklahoma RFD

Take a look at this listing and compare what you learn with what you own.

Please bring ALL of your HENNESSEY RFD covers and cards to the meeting and donate them to Joe Crosby’s collection. Seriously, Please bring any Oklahoma RFD material you have to share with the group, hand cancels, pencil and other manuscript cancels, down-to-road items, corner cards, old RFD wagons, ANYTHING.

Oh, yes, the historian of the USPS tells us that the maps for RFD routes (nationwide) were all destroyed during the late depression era, to save money since the archives were getting too full and there were no funds for expansion. So, if you happen to have THE Oklahoma RFD route map in your personal archive, please share that with the group as well.
See you there !