Post Offices In The Unassigned Lands

Dear fellow Oklahoma Postal History Society members,

This year at OKPEX I will be giving a talk on the post offices established in 1889 in the Unassigned Lands as a result of the land run. I will also be exhibiting this material.

I have yet to see the following list of covers and I am hopeful you can help me obtain them or, at least, provide a scan of these so that I may be more authoritative and complete in my presentation. All of the following post office names were used in more than one county (except Idelah) so please be careful to note the year of your cover.

Will You please look for the following covers during the dates listed below for me and report if you have them or know where they may be located?  I know some of these existed in 1965 because Signorelli and Cardwell listed some of them.

Idela                   1889-91

Cimarron City     1889-94

Lincoln                1889-94

Lisbon                 1889

Harrison              1889-90

Rock Island         1889-98

Many thanks for your efforts in helping with this. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Also, I will be giving a program updating more complete information on RFD and 20th Century Fancy Cancels from Oklahoma at this next Tuesday’s (Feb 14, 2017) meeting.  I am looking forward to seeing you then.

Brady Hunt, President Oklahoma Postal History Society

8000 SE 15th St

Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110