OKPEX 2017 will be held June 16-17 at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest City.

Joe Crosby Presents OKPEX Grand Award Statue To Don Hines.

Joe Crosby Presents OKPEX Grand Award Statue To Don Hines.


Announcement:  OKPEX 2017 Announcement

Prospectus:  OKPEX 2017 PROSPECTUS

Exhibit List:  OKPEX 2017 Exhibit List

Official Program:  OKPEX 2017 Official Program

Schedule of Events:  OKPEX 2017 Schedule


Information About Previous Shows

Pictures From OKPEX 2016

Dinner at KD's in Bricktown

Joe Hands Out Single Frame Grand Award

Joe Hands Out Single Frame Grand Award

Lots Of Excitement - And Free Stuff - At The Kid's Table

Lots Of Excitement – And Free Stuff – At The Kid’s Table



OKPEX 2016 will be held June 17-18, 2016 at the Reed Conference Center in Midwest City – the same location as last year.   We hope you will consider attending and/or exhibiting this year. 

Follow the links below for the latest information about this year’s show.

OKPEX 2016 Prospectus & Entry Form:   OKPEX 2016 PROSPECTUS

OKPEX 2016 Announcement:    OKPEX 2016 Announcement 

OKPEX 2016 PalmaresOKPEX 2016 PALMARES



  Links to information about previous shows:

Schedule Of Events:    OKPEX 2015 SCHEDULE 

Current Exhibit List:     Exhibit List As Of 6-2-15

Full Information about OKPEX 2015:    OKPEX 2015 Announcement

OKPEX 2015 Prospectus & Entry Form:   OKPEX 2015 PROSPECTUS



Full Information about OKPEX 2014:   OKPEX 2014 Announcement 

OKPEX 2014 Prospectus & Entry Form:   OKPEX 2014 PROSPECTUS


OKPEX 2013 Exhibit List:   OKPEX 2013 EXHIBITS


OKPEX 2013 Dealers:  OKPEX 2013 DEALER LIST

OKPEX 2013 Prospectus & Entry Form:  OKPEX 2013 PROSPECTUS


OKPEX 2012 Palmares:  OKPEX 2012 PALMARES

OKPEX 2012 Schedule of Events:  Schedule of Events

OKPEX 2012 Exhibits List:  List of Exhibits

OKPEX 2012 Prospectus & Entry Form: OKPEX 2012 PROSPECTUS

OKPEX 2011 Palmares:  OKPEX 2011 PALMARES


OKPEX 2010 Palmares: OKPEX 2010 Palmares

OKPEX 2010 List Of Exhibits: OKPEX 2010 EXHIBIT LIST

OKPEX 2010 List Of Dealers:  OKPEX 2010 DEALER LIST

OKPEX 2010 Dealer Floor Plan


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OKPEX 2009 Palmares: OKPEX 2009 Palmares

One thought on “OKPEX

  1. If you want to experience a great show, OKPEX should be at the top of your “to do” list. I was an exhibitor and dealer at the recent OKPEX 2012 show.

    The sincere kindness, hospitality, and professionalism exhibited by Joe Crosby, Ralph DeBoard, club members, and show dealers was a true example of southern hospitality and philatelic excellence.

    This is a comfortable drive from all points on the compass with quality motels and dining along the same highway as the “Express Event Center”. I’m looking forward to next year. See you there!

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